After almost 14 years, the Toyota LandCruiser 200 has finally been replaced. The new LandCruiser 300 brings with it an almost entirely new powertrain, with a choice of V6 petrol and diesel engines, both with twin-turbochargers. Although not present at launch, expect a hybrid version to join the lineup in the next few years. The 200's very average 6-speed auto has also been replaced with a class leading 10-speed.

Check the table below for a comparison between the 200 and 300-series. I'm only including the major mechanical features, as it goes without saying that the electronics are far beyond anything offered in the 200-series.

The data below is based on the global announcement and some leaked data. It will be updated to reflect any differences to the Australian version as information becomes available.



Toyota Australia have issued a media release detailing the pricing and major specs of the upcoming 300-series. At this stage, the only engine option will be the 3.3L twin-turbo diesel.

There are two new models at the top of the range, the GR Sport which has an off-road focus including front and rear diff locks and E-KDSS suspension. Just above that is the Sahara ZX which is much more on-road focussed. I've updated the table below with some of the new details.


Pricing is about what I expected, and features seem to generally be a nice improvement. I'm a little surprised Toyota aren't releasing the new V6 petrol engine in Australia. It's got great power and economy specs, and despite the poor sales of the 200-series petrol, I think this new engine would sell well here.

I think the positioning of the GR Sport is a little strange. With off-road focussed features such as twin diff-locks and standard E-KDSS, I think it would be better placed (in price and equipment) as an off-road focussed version of the GXL, rather than being up above the Sahara.

I suspect that the 200-series' excellent KDSS system has been removed from the rest of the range, which would be a disappointing downgrade from the 200-series. No doubt E-KDSS is superior, but there's no mention of pricing or availability on models other than the GR Sport. I'll endeavour to find out about this.

The additional payload capacity is certainly welcome, and will avoid the need for a GVM upgrade for some buyers. However, it's a pity Toyota didn't raise the GVM further to solve the weight problem for those who carry big loads and/or have high towball weights. A GVM upgrade will still be required in many cases.

Finally, the reduction in fuel capacity from 138 to 110 litres is disappointing. The improved fuel consumption will go some way to overcoming this, however.

LandCruiser 300 Pricing
(Plus On-road costs and taxes)

  • GX: $89,990
  • GXL: $101,790
  • VX: $113,990
  • SAHARA: $131,190
  • GR SPORT: $137,790
  • SAHARA ZX: $138,790


Specifications are subject to change. Table will be updated as more information is released.


The gold images are of an NZ-spec 300 (should be similar to the Australian versions). The white images are from a European-spec 300. Note the AU/NZ vehicles have differently shaped front and rear bumpers and side steps, giving improved approach/departure/rampover angles compared to the European versions.


If you're lucky enough to have a LandCruiser 300 already, or you've got one on order, Australian Images now have a range of stickers for the LandCruiser 300, to go on the 'D' Pillar and/or rear tailgate.

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