Step-By Step Installation


Step-By Step Installation

High on the list for any 4WD which ventures off the bitumen should be a snorkel. The headline benefit of fitting a snorkel is to improve the water fording capability of your 4x4 by raising the level of the engine air intake. While it's usually wise to avoid deep water, there are times when it's impossible to do so.

The other big benefit of moving the intake out from the guard or engine bay up to roof level is that less dust will enter the air intake system and the primary air filter, reducing maintenance and prolonging engine life. Additionally, instead of hot air from around the engine bay, the motor now gets fresh cool air from roof level.

Over the years, a snorkel has proved invaluable for me on outback trips, and I wouldn't be without one on the 300.

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By this stage you might have noticed a theme when it comes to the accessories I choose for the 300. In most cases, they are brands or products I've used successfully in the past.

The snorkel is no exception. My first Safari Snorkel was fitted to a 1989 Nissan GQ Patrol, while every 4WD I've had since has also been fitted with a Safari. Over the last 30 years, they've reliably protected the engines from water and dust in all of my 4WDs, and I wouldn't fit anything else to the 300. I most certainly would not install a cheap Chinese knockoff snorkel onto the 300. Aside from the typically poor fit and finish and the common problem of UV damage leading to fading and weakness, the major risk with the no-name snorkels is that they often seal poorly, which defeats the entire purpose of installing a snorkel in the first place.

Safari make two versions of snorkel for the 300. The standard V-SPEC SS98HF snorkel, and the larger ARMAX SS98HP snorkel. The V-Spec works with an unmodified airbox and delivers more than enough airflow for a standard engine. The ARMAX is designed to deliver even more air to suit engines which have been modified, chipped or tuned to produce more power. Installation of the ARMAX also modifies the factory airbox inlet, substantially reducing restriction and increasing the volume of air which can be drawn through the airbox.

Although I haven't performed any engine or exhaust mods on the 300 at this stage, it's possible I will do so in the future, so I've decided to go with the ARMAX version. There are two tradeoffs with the ARMAX versus the V-Spec: First, it's not compatible with all brands of side rails. I'm not concerned about that, as I don't plan on fitting any. And secondly, the installation is more complex, because it involves modifying the factory airbox.

Why not a stainless snorkel on the 300?

Stainless snorkels are quite popular currently. But I personally would not choose one for my vehicle. They are far noisier than a polymer snorkel, and result is a large increase in induction sound levels. This is particularly true because they usually have rear-facing intakes. With the passenger window open, the air inlet being located right next to the window generates so much noise under acceleration that conversation becomes difficult. Take a drive in a stainless-snorkel equipped 4WD and you'll immediately know what I'm talking about.

My other major concern with the stainless snorkels is the considerable weakening of the front guard. Rather than a single hole required for the Safari snorkel, a stainless version typically requires slot 2-3 times larger. And while the Safari reinforces the guard by being bolted to it around the hole and along its length, the stainless versions leave the guard in a substantially weakened state.


The installation video should not be taken as instructions. The current supplied instructions from Safari should always take priority if information differs. The video is simply a documenting of the procedure I followed for my own installation. No warranty is provided as to the accuracy of the information, and/or whether it applies in your situation or to your vehicle. If you're not qualified and/or don't have the correct equipment, have the bar fitted professionally.

  • There is the potential for vehicle damage if the flares are not installed correctly;
  • There are potential injuries if appropriate safety procedures are not followed.

If you undertake your own installation, you do so entirely at your own risk.


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LandCruiser 300 Safari Snorkel installation

Please refer to the video and the supplied Safari instruction sheet for installation instructions. Note that the video may become outdated due to changes in the manufacture of the snorkel or the supplied accessories. If the written Safari instructions contradict the video, always follow the written instructions.

Promotional and advertising content declaration

Undeclared promotion is rife in the 4WD "influencer" industry. Project300 is different. In the interests of full transparency, every page on Project300 will contain disclosure of what -if any- benefits were received in the process of choosing and installing the listed product(s).

I plan on owning and driving the Project300 LandCruiser for at least a decade. I'll only ever choose and install products which I believe to be of the highest quality, and which will serve me reliably throughout the life of the vehicle.

Disclosure for this article:

  • Safari 4x4 Engineering supplied the snorkel to me at no cost, after I chose this product;
  • No monetary payment was or will be received from Safari or any other company to use or recommend their product;
  • I have no obligation to only make positive comments, and am free to say or write whatever I choose about the products, now and in the future;
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