Step-By Step Installation



Step-By Step Installation

If you tow anything heavy with your 300, then you'll absolutely need a trailer brake controller, and there's a good chance you'll also require high current wiring to the trailer via an Anderson plug.

It's a legal requirement to have trailer brakes when towing anything over 750kg, and while there are many trailer brake controllers available, the REDARC TowPro sets the standard thanks to its excellent performance and small dash space requirements with the control knob being remote from the main unit.

For supplying power to a trailer or caravan, the 50-amp Anderson plug has become the default standard due to its easy, reliable connection and high current capabilities.

In this article and video, I'll be installing pre-wired kits from Richards Auto, including both the Tow-Pro and an Anderson plug and loom with the optional ignition relay kit. Installing all three kits at the same time is much faster and easier than doing so separately.

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I've previously used several different brake controllers, but with the release and subsequent updates to the REDARC TowPro, it's really become the only one to choose.

The Tow-Pro Elite Version 3 is Australian-made, and unlike most other systems doesn't need a large amount of space on the dash or near your knees. It has a small main unit which can be positioned almost anywhere, at any angle. And is controlled by a small single button/knob which is mounted unobtrusively in the dash.

Wiring the Tow-Pro is normally a manual task, with the installer having to pick up connections to positive and negative, plus the brake pedal and run a wire back to the trailer connector. But this work has been eliminated by Richards Auto Electrical, who have produced a plug-and-play wiring loom, ready to install into the 300. The loom is available direct from Richards either stand-alone (if you already have a Tow-Pro Elite V3), or as part of a kit including the Tow-Pro unit.

I've used Richard's kits several times in the past, including their brilliant tailgate light for the 300-series.



Most caravans and camper trailers require a decent amount of power supplied from the tow vehicle, usually to run an on-board DC-DC battery charger, or battery management system. Or even to directly power devices such as fridges.

This is typically achieved using heavy cable from the tow vehicle terminated with a 50-amp Anderson type plug. Rather than manually wiring such a setup I've again gone with a pre-wired kit from Richards, which includes the cabling with sheaths, pre-attached connectors, a grey Anderson plug and cover and all required grommets.

An optional addition (which I'm also installing) is an ignition relay kit which only delivers power to the cable when the ignition is switched on. This is typically the way the cable should be wired, otherwise you risk flattening your starting battery if the trailer remains connected when the car isn't running.

Richards also produce a "red" Anderson kit, which is designed to power trailer ESC systems. I'll not be installing that kit, but it's a simple addition and should be wired simultaneously with these kits if required.


The "Installation" section should not be taken as instructions. It is simply a documenting of the procedure I followed for my own installation. No warranty is provided as to the accuracy of the information, and/or whether it applies in your situation or to your vehicle. If you're not qualified and/or don't have the correct equipment, have the light fitted professionally. Check the latest version of installation instructions at Richards Auto.

  • There is the potential for vehicle damage if the products are not installed correctly;
  • There are potential injuries if appropriate safety procedures are not followed.

If you undertake your own installation, you do so entirely at your own risk.


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While there are many steps, the installation of the kits is not particularly difficult if you follow the provided instructions and refer to the video above.

At the time of writing, I've been running the TowPro and Anderson kits for about three months, and they've worked brilliantly. The Towpro is simple to set up, adjust and operate.

The cable and Anderson plug has been successfully keeping the batteries charged in my trailers, in combination with the REDARC DC-DC chargers installed with the trailer batteries.

Grab the kits direct from Richards Auto Electrical.

LandCruiser 300 TowPro and Anderson installation

I won't be adding a step by step written/photo guide for this install.

Please refer to the comprehensive step-by-step video and stop/start it as required to follow the installation, and refer to the printed instructions from Richards if required.

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Undeclared promotion is rife in the 4WD "influencer" industry. Project300 is different. In the interests of full transparency, every page on Project300 will contain disclosure of what -if any- benefits were received in the process of choosing and installing the listed product(s).

I plan on owning and driving the Project300 LandCruiser for at least a decade. I'll only ever choose and install products which I believe to be of the highest quality, and which will serve me reliably throughout the life of the vehicle.

Disclosure for this article:

  • Richards Auto Electrical supplied the complete kits at no cost to me, after I chose these products;
  • No monetary payment was or will be received from Richards or any other company to use or recommend their product;
  • I have no obligation to only make positive comments, and am free to say or write whatever I choose about the products, now and in the future;
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