A list of the common service consumables, such as oils, filters, gaskets and seals. Plus any special tools required for servicing a Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Twin-Turbo Diesel (FJA300). This list will grow as additional products become available.

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LandCruiser 300 engine oil

The 300-series requires a DPF-compatible ACEA C2 or C5 oil. You should not use C1, C3 or C4 grade oils.

Toyota recommend a 0w20, 0w30 or 5w30 viscosities. Of these three options, I would suggest the 0w30 as being the best option for warm Australian conditions. The 300 requires approximately 6.6 litres with a filter change.

The following oils are suitable:

LandCruiser 300 Oil Filters

The 300-series runs a spin-on type oil filter. The following part numbers are suitable:


LandCruiser 300 Fuel Filters

The 300 series runs a single fuel filter. Suitable options include:

LandCruiser 300 Automatic Transmission Fluid

The 300 requires a WS-compatible automatic transmission fluid. Using incompatible fluid could cause severe transmission damage.
12 litres is suggested for a substantial flush. The following fluids are suitable:

Gaskets and Seals:

You will also require 1x 90430-12031 gasket for the fill plug and 1x 90430-12008 gasket for the pan drain.

LandCruiser 300 Differential Oil

The front and rear differentials in the 300 require a slightly unusual 75W85 oil which meets the GL-5 specification. Most 75w85 gear oils only meet GL-4.

Approximately 6.5 litres is required in total for front and rear differentials. Suitable GL-5 oils include:

Gaskets and seals:

You will also require 3x 12157-10010 crush washers (front diff fill, rear diff fill+drain); and 1x 90430-24017 copper washer (front diff drain).

LandCruiser 300 Engine and Intercooler Coolant

The 300 runs the same 'red' long life coolant in both the radiator and intercooler systems. Suitable coolants include:

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