Step-By Step Installation


Step-By Step Installation

Before I even bought the 300, I knew I'd need flares to cover the wheels and tyres I was planning on fitting.

That's because -unlike the 200 series, which could accept quite large tyres without needing flares- the 300's bodywork design shows tyre 'poke' even when running a perfectly legal wheel and tyre combination.

Aside from putting you at risk of a defect from the highway patrol, having tyres protruding outside the guards leads to mud and stones hitting the bodywork, potentially causing expensive damage.

Fortunately, the 300-series comes from the factory with plastic guard trims, making the installation of well designed flares relatively easy. Remove the factory trims, and replace them with flares.


Initially, there was only one flare option available, being part of a bodykit from Japan. I was never a huge fan of the design, with a thin profile and a few fake ducts moulded in. They're also held on with a combination of double-sided tape and self tapping screws rather than using the factory mounting points. But the biggest issue is that they taper in at the ends, reducing tyre coverage and making ADR compliance questionable. So the primary two reasons for installing flares -protection and legality- are not really solved by the Japanese flares, defeating the purpose of fitting them in the first place.

Shortly after, another option hit the market. A better shape, being a 'box section', but still tapering in at the ends, meaning the same legality and protection questions as the Japanese flares. And more than double the price.

Then, just as my 300 arrived, I saw the OTA flares being sold by Mick Tighe 4x4 and I knew I'd found the flares I wanted. The OTA flares tick so many boxes that others don't, that it puts them well ahead of the other flares on the market for the 300. This is what I think sets the OTA flares apart:

  • They use the same attachment points as the factory arch trims making for an easy and factory-look installation, without drilling holes into the metal guards (and the rust issues that go along with that);
  • The box-section design ensures rigidity and that they won't sag or warp as single-wall flares can over time;
  • The full width from end-to-end, with integrated mudflaps, ensures they comply fully with ADR rules and give better bodywork protection from stones;
  • There are moulded end caps available for integration with front and rear barwork, instead of leaving a raw cut or covering up with pinch weld;
  • They're made in Australia.



The design of the 300 makes the installation of flares a relatively simple process. From start to finish, the installation took less than an hour. The Overland Tourers Australia flares are excellent quality, and a perfect fit on the 300. They could easily be mistaken for a factory part.

At this stage, I've decided not to colour-code the flares. Painting is recommended, otherwise they'll fade over time. But as I'm going to cut and cap the flares once I fit barwork, I don't want to paint them now and then have to repair the paint after cutting and capping. I'll decide at that point whether to paint them black, or colour code them to the car.

If you'd like to see a video trimming the flares, keep an eye on the site for the barwork installation videos, and I'll include a section on trimming the flares there. I'll also consider colour coding them at that time, depending on how I'm enjoying the black look.



The "Installation" section should not be taken as instructions. It is simply a documenting of the procedure I followed for my own installation. No warranty is provided as to the accuracy of the information, and/or whether it applies in your situation or to your vehicle. If you're not qualified and/or don't have the correct equipment, have the light fitted professionally.

  • There is the potential for vehicle damage if the flares are not installed correctly;
  • There are potential injuries if appropriate safety procedures are not followed.

If you undertake your own installation, you do so entirely at your own risk.


Links below are eBay affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I may be compensated by eBay. The price you pay is unaffected.

LandCruiser 300 fender flare installation

The OTA flare kit includes comprehensive written/printed instructions, which I found to be simple and accurate. You can find them here or by scanning the QR case on the inside of the box. As such I won't be including additional written instructions.

Please refer to the official instruction sheet and the video above for guidance when installing the flares. For a guide to cutting and capping the flares to suit bar work, please check the bulbar and rear bar videos once they are available.

Promotional and advertising content declaration

Undeclared promotion is rife in the 4WD "influencer" industry. Project300 is different. In the interests of full transparency, every page on Project300 will contain disclosure of what -if any- benefits were received in the process of choosing and installing the listed product(s).

I plan on owning and driving the Project300 LandCruiser for at least a decade. I'll only ever choose and install products which I believe to be of the highest quality, and which will serve me reliably throughout the life of the vehicle.

Disclosure for this article:

  • Mick Tighe 4x4 supplied the complete flare kit at no charge to me, after I chose this product;
  • No monetary payment was or will be received from Mick Tighe/OTA or any other company to use or recommend their product;
  • I have no obligation to only make positive comments, and am free to say or write whatever I choose about the products, now and in the future;
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